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St KenelmsSt Kenelm's is an ancient church in Clifton Parish where we look to uphold traditional values whilst appreciating that services need to change to accommodate new styles of worship.
A look at the services on offer throughout the year illustrates what we hope is a good cross section of services.

Being a rural church we realise the importance of marking the farming seasons and also celebrate, along with Harvest Festival, Rogationtide and Plough Sunday.
The family is very important in the church. Children are welcome to all services and there are always activity sheets for children as well as a special communion book. However, some services are more “child friendly” and relaxed than others. A monthly lay led Family Service is held on the third Sunday of each month and has a more easy going approach.

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A New Kneeler in Memory of Christine Fletcher 

On Passion Sunday, the 7th April, a new kneeler was blessed and dedicated, by Pat Snelling, at St Kenelm’s church in Clifton.
The embroidered kneeler was started by Christine Fletcher, whom many of you will remember with great affection. Sadly, Christine died before she could finish it.  Her friends in the Knightwick and District Trefoil Guild decided to finish it in memory of Christine.  They brought it along to St Kenelm's on Sunday for the blessing and dedication, where they were joined by Christine’s daughter and grandson.
The kneeler depicts the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, where they had been thrown by King Nebuchadnezzar because they refused to bow down and worship the image of gold which he had had made. On the kneeler is clearly shown, in white, the image of the angel, whom God had sent to protect them from the flames, and so they emerged totally unscathed and King Nebuchadnezzar was converted to Christianity.   You can read all about this in the book of Daniel.

If you wish to see the kneeler it is in St Kenelm’s and it will then join the other embroidered kneelers in the pews. Many thanks to the Trefoil Ladies for such a gesture of love and remembrance.
kneeler pic

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